About the Brisbane Pacific Circle Consortium Conference


Yarning 2020: education with our neighbours, part 2 brings Pacific educators together to learn with and from each other about areas of common interest. The conference program will involve:

  • a critical analysis of research and practice presented through keynote presentations and panel discussions each day
  • presentation of a range of papers related to the focus of each day
  • reflection on a range of Pacific perspectives on the role of knowledge, the nature of 21st century knowledge, skills, attitudes and values young people will need to thrive and shape their world beyond 2020.


The program will cater to the interests and needs of:

  • members of the Pacific Circle Consortium
  • established and emerging researchers
  • academics and teacher educators
  • curriculum policy specialists from Education Departments and statutory authorities
  • school-based curriculum leaders and teachers
  • members of teacher professional associations
  • graduate students.

About the Pacific Circle Consortium

The Pacific Circle Consortium (PCC) was established in 1977 as an initiative in international cooperation between educational research and development institutions in the Pacific Region, initially drawn from Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the U.S. (Mainland and Hawaii) were represented at the first meeting. Membership has since been extended to other individuals and institutions from within this region and from Asia. The focus has also changed from one of collaboratively produced curriculum materials to broader issues of policy development and educational research. From hosting yearly workshops and meetings the organisation has moved to a single yearly conference at which joint projects are discussed and reported upon and a range of papers and symposia are presented. The Consortium is now independent from the OECD.

Pacific Circle Consortium

1977 - 2019

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The purpose of the Pacific Circle Consortium is to promote international and intercultural understanding and coopoeration among the peoples and counties in and around the Pacific.

The Consortium fufils this purpose through school-related international, cooperative, programs and activities in the areas of:

  • educational research
  • curriculum development
  • professional development

The Consortium through its annual conference and journal facilitates the sharing of ideas, information and resources across the Pacific.

43 Conferences hosted by educational institutions in and around the pacific

30 volumes published

10 volumes online

Publication of the Pacific-Asian Journal commenced in 1987.

44 years of service

12 member Executive Committee

18 honorary members recognised for distinguished service

71 leading Pacific educators recognised through:

  • the Peter Brice Award
  • the Arthur R. King Jr. Curriculum Innovation Award
  • presentation of the annual Neil Baumgart lecture

About the Pacific Circle Consortium

The development of the program for Yarning 2020: education with our neighbours, part 2 has been informed by the success of the Pacific Circle Consortium 2014 Sydney conference

The Sydney conference invited dialogue about ways to more effectively incorporate Global Citizenship and Education for Sustainable Development within:

Note the expressions — chats over the back fence and yarning — refer to talking in a familiar or informal manner about topics or issues of common concern.

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